The Scaffold

The Scaffold is a transdisciplinary learning studio for the never-normal. A custom-built, action-based leadership expedition crafted to help your high-performing team sense, learn, imagine, and act differently.

We provide you with exclusive access to a hand-picked group of acknowledged pioneers operating ahead of the curve, at the frontiers, whose prescience continues to be confirmed by actual events. 

Together with this brilliant, ad-hoc curated non-conformist tribe of experts from around the world, we’ll scaffold the future you want.

We’ll learn together how to make that future actionable and create the agency necessary to bring it to life. 

The Scaffold is about activating, inspiring, and empowering top-performing impact groups.

The Scaffold is about better seeing what is and better seeing what can become.

The Scaffold is about scaffolding the narratives of our desired better futures, making them actionable, and taking agency.

The compass for our desired better futures is one of moral, societal and aesthetic advancement

I’d love to see a 21st-century version of Cobra, a collective of artists, thinkers, creators, thinkers, and experimentalists, leading into a movement, but an all-encompassing societal-movement, with more time and air and oxygen for our children to play, where they naturally can grow into what they are best at, with a renewed freshness and renaissance, a new corporate and societal spring, celebrating the power of imagination and creativity, as a response to our dull political landscape of non-zero games.

A new New Babylon, a new city to play in, a new avant-garde propelling us into the highest forms of freedom.


How do we engage?

Designing a studio or expedition is about co-creation with the client and the residencies.

This preparation and design phases include the identification and framing of the client’s wicked problem, intake, design, and production. 

The phase usually culminates in an intense studio/expedition of 12-15 sessions spread over 6 months of elapsed time.

Some of the sessions are in-person, and others are 100% online or virtual

We pay particular attention to the re-entry process after the expedition.

You want to create a significant impact during and after The Scaffold experience.

Every client is different

No organization fits into a pre-designed template.

Each Scaffold is high-touch and extremely tailor-made. 

Every engagement will be structured and designed differently from the ground up. 

The Scaffold is designed as a long-term assignment organized around a particular wicked problem, challenge, or project of the client.

We believe in the long format. Transdisciplinary impact groups learn by working, doing, and acting together during an extended period of time. This approach increases trust, bonding, candor, the release of real or perceived vulnerabilities, and the discovery of unintended opportunities.


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