“4 minutes in. It’s astonishing. Will continue watching later”

Steve Jennings

“An integral feast about the future of money and the future of humanity. Humbled by the awareness that we do not need digitalization to design and be inspired – we have been inspired throughout the history of mankind. In Awe”

Jennifer Sertl

“Nothing was ever achieved without a jump into the unknown!” 

Chris Litchfield

“Like I dipped into a silver cleaner and it was like magic what happened. And somehow that bright shininess, the newness under the accretions of time and habit is an outcome of engaging with you. It’s like that: as if the accretions kind of dissolve. “

Elsie Maio

“From the moment I met you I knew that you beat to a different drum”

Stephanie Hammer

“Why does my physical eyesight become sharper after reading your essays?”

Elsie Maio

“Curator, true Renaissance man and all-around amazing guy”

Leda Glyptis

“Your legacy is immense”

Bernard Mors

“Peter’s vision for this unique alchemy of ideas was brought to life by the stunning visual and spatial experience. Bespoke, beautiful cinematic visuals spanned the 80-foot wide wraparound LED screen and created a totally immersive experience. It was – quite simply – awesome.”

Bree Sanchez

“Petervan is exceptionally well read and networked when it comes to emerging technologies and innovation trends.”

Frank Boermeester
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