“My favorite part of the whole thing was watching from above, as people went into the ‘egg’ for the first time. I think the drone of the music, pulsating, may have been the most important factor in creating that sense of atmosphere. It was so different from the rest of that place. I might have even put a dome over the top, so they really felt like they were in a womb!”

Douglas Rushkoff

“We are in the business of learning, not entertainment”



Steve Jennings

“He’s working in the dark, letting other people shine. And above all makes us think about where we come from and where we might be going. And that is of value too little appreciated, let alone honored.”

Sven Mastbooms

“Petervan likes to work with different materials, techniques, and digital imaging. In that context, we can definitely speak of “mixed media”. There are even initiatives and ideas to give this a three-dimensional character. We can only encourage that diversity. There are “grid structures”, paintings with collage-like aspects, idiosyncratic representations of man, interiors, models like I already mentioned, geometric and organic. I think we can safely say that Petervan is a thinker in images.”

Chris Vanbeveren

“If you understand networks, you will understand the future. Petervan understands networks and he understands the future. Helping organizations better handle ambiguity and increase their decision-making are what I experience him the best at. He is one of my primary sources for contextual intelligence.”

Jennifer Sertl

“Your legacy is immense”

Bernard Mors

“Petervan has a special sensitivity in his art for the image that captures. And he knows how to maintain this in a multitude of styles and media. He constantly experiments, but his images keep capturing attention, in a wide variety of form languages”

Joost Vander Auwera

“Your sincerity and passion are infectious!”

Mo Hamzianpour

“You have created a masterpiece”

Leda Glyptis
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