Strategic Partners

The Scaffold is teamwork. In addition to the non-conformist tribe of artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, advisors, and production crews, The Scaffold thrives on the following strategic partnerships

nexxworks believes each organization should invest at least 10% of its time & resources to prepare for the Day After Tomorrow, the more long-term perspective. That’s why they inspire & connect people by creating meaningful experiences & connections​. A nexxworks experience brings your team together at the starting point, brings fresh energy, and gives people the confidence to be vulnerable AND ambitious. ​​A nexxworks experience inspires your network or team to build a better future and gives them the trust to do it with you.

As Strategic Partner, nexxworks is the preferred inspiration and delivery partner for The Scaffold.

“Petervan Studios is not the default option, it’s for the ones who are brave, bold, and real enough to face the future as it is: up to you to design for. Petervan studios’ work touches the very core of the true future-proof leader. The mix of pragmatism and going beyond the default path is a real experience, one that is joyful but also one that has impact.”

Julie Vens – Devos CEO nexxworks

“Our relationship developed into a natural blending of design, execution and networking. Our partnership is a testimony that the network always wins.”


Collective Next provides change management, facilitation, and event design services to nearly 200 clients, many of which are leading global companies. The interactive engagements, events, and workshops that they design help to align key stakeholders to actions and decisions that can be implemented. They work with Fortune 100 companies, non-profits, and other innovative organizations to help them leverage collaboration and creativity to successfully navigate transformations and critical strategic initiatives.

As Strategic Partner, Collective Next is the preferred facilitation partner for The Scaffold

“The Scaffold is a one-of-a-kind experience, filled with art, discovery, sensing & sense-making, critique, relevance, provocation, experimentation, humanity and possibility. It, like nothing else, creates the opportunity for a truly transformative journey for individuals, teams and communities.”

Hamilton Ray – Senior Principal Collective Next

“Over many years we have created a symbiotic relationship, where we only need half a word or signal to understand each other”


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