Inspiring Quotes

A painter’s studio should be a laboratory. Our work is not about imitating, we invent. Painting is a riddle

Pablo Picasso

“Being ahead of what people truly desire”


“The trouble starts with the word “leaders.”

Niels Pflaeging

“I tend not to intervene, but to take care”

David Claerbout

“Ideally, an (art) school creates an intense experience of competitive discourse and common purpose among its students, as well as between the students and their teachers, and through them with the wider (art) world beyond the school”

Michael Craig-Martin

“Much is clear but not yet realised. Much has been realised, but is not yet clear.”

Nick Ervinck

“I wanted to say what I had to say in a way that would exemplify it, to permit the listener to experience what I had to say not just hear about it”

John Cage

“Beauty is what moves me, and after that intelligence”

Ricardo Bofill

“This next developmental future must recognise a planetary entanglement in which human, machines, ecological systems are increasingly indivisible” 

Indy Johar

“If an artist tries consciously to do something to others, it is to stretch their eyes, their thoughts, to something they would not see or feel if the artist had not done it. To do this, he has to stretch his own first.”

Henry Moore
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