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Marti Spiegelman

Founder Technologies of Consciousness for Leaders and Changemakers, San Francisco, US

Marti Spiegelman is an executive mentor, professional development advisor, speaker, and founder of Precision Consciousness: Helping leaders change the world by changing the way they know the world – through the ‘technologies of consciousness’. Marti has combined her 50 years of business experience with her training in science, graphic design, and indigenous wisdom traditions to create a modern methodology for mastering full consciousness at all scales – individual, organizational, societal, and global.

The world we live in and the world we want to create are very far apart these days – it’s hard to envision any way we could bridge the gap from one to the other. Yet I believe this is what The Scaffold is for – not just a space for ideas, but a convergence of talent and resources and creative power that can actually drive the manifestation of our large scale visions for a better world, educating and inspiring people around the world in the process.

Marti Spiegelman

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