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Lene Rachel Andersen

Full member of the Club of Rome, President of the Copenhagen-based think tank Nordic Bildung and co-founder of the Global Bildung Network, DK

Lene is an economist, author, futurist, philosopher, and bildung activist. After studying business economy for three years, she worked as a substitute teacher before she studied theology. During her studies, she wrote entertainment for Danish television until she decided to quit theology, become a full-time writer, and focus on technological development, big history, and the future of humanity.

Since 2005, she has written 20 books and received two Danish democracy awards: Ebbe Kløvedal-Reich Democracy Baton (2007) and Døssing Prisen, the Danish librarians’ democracy prize (2012).

Among her books are The Nordic Secret (2017), edited by Tomas Björkman, Metamodernity (2019), Bildung (2020), What is Bildung? (2021), and Libertism (2022).

“The world definitely needs a “New Cobra;” a collaboration that can take our meaning-making beyond what makes sense today. Because we’re already lacking behind our own creations when it comes to grasping what we have done.”

Lene Rachel Andersen

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