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Josie Gibson

Founder The Catalyst Network, Melbourne, AUS

Josie Gibson is a leadership coach, creative mentor and strategist on complex multi-stakeholder business and community projects. A Senior Industry Fellow with Melbourne’s RMIT FORWARD, she is active in initiatives exploring new collaboration models for work, industry and community. A former journalist specialising in geopolitics, Josie has held senior roles in diverse organisations and has worked in all sectors. She’s established and grown a number of businesses including multinational peer groups and The Catalyst Network, a quirky changemaker community. Her latest venture is advisory firm CatalystFX.

The Scaffold is a rare opportunity to venture into the unknown, to test the limits of what we think we know and explore what may (or may not) be “the future”. In a world dulled by certainty and blandness, it’s a chance to experience the discomfort of paradox across multiple dimensions in a carefully designed journey of discovery. The question is: Are you brave enough?

Josie Gibson

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