This studio is the place for short ad-hoc engagements with Petervan. 

These interventions build upon Petervan’s unique experience and capability as a translator/interpreter of your specific challenges and designer/architect of intellectual collisions. Most of the interventions involve private or semi-private tailor-made conversations or provocations. 


“I don’t do talks, I do performances. I want to resonate at a non-cognitive level”

What happens if Petervan tells a story and only uses his own artwork as visuals, his own compositions as soundscapes, and his own poetry to touch you, plays live music, uses a lightning script, is dressed as Magritte, and wears Venetian or Hannibal Masks?

You get a very personal and corporate transmedia narrative and an ephemeral live experience.

“The sequencing, the artistry of how you unfold an experience is jarring enough that it short circuits my expectations. And I open up to entertain ambiguity in a way that I do not normally do during my day. And of course, the way that you engage sound and visual. And have it dance with words, concepts, reason, memories, evocative archetypes. Something opens up in me and hears or fields in a new way. “

Petervan’s performance talks/lectures are artistic blends of content, storytelling, and live on-stage performance. 

Every performance talk is unique and never delivered twice.

Existing performance talks/Lectures:

  • Listen, Learn, Lead (commissioned and delivered)
  • The 12 Archetypes of a Change Agent (script available as a starting point)

A new performance is in the making, target date 1 Nov 2023:

  • A New New Babylon (about the power of imagination)
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