This studio is the place for short ad-hoc engagements with Petervan. 

These interventions build upon Petervan’s unique experience and capability as a translator/interpreter of your specific challenges and designer/architect of intellectual collisions. Most of the interventions involve private or semi-private tailor-made conversations or provocations. 

Parallel Grooves

I use tools and techniques such as visual and audio collisions, artistic interventions, weirdness, intentional silence, and intentional provocations. In some sense, you could call me an elegant disruptor and connector. I am connecting the unexpected. Disrupting through experimental and free imagination and association.

In this setting, you give me a license to take care, to intervene at will or on command, a license to snap/unsnap, a license to provoke.

Safety Room

You are free to pitch, explain, share, etc your work/ideas/concepts, a project you work on, something you dream about WITHOUT BEING INTERRUPTED knowing Petervan (and only Petervan) is listening.

At the end of the session, I give you one sentence/meme/visual/etc to work with.

If you want, you get the recording of your session.

My contribution is to be silent, listen and observe.

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