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Annalie Killian

Vice President Strategic Partnerships - sparks & honey, Menton, FR

Annalie’s life purpose is optimizing human potential that translates into adaptive, resilient and optimistic people. Having worked in the eye of massive disruptive change in Africa, Australia, China, the USA, and now France, she knows what keeps not only the Board and CEOs awake at night, but also their workforce. She has built a global career around anticipating emerging trends and disruptive technologies that shape culture, shift behavior, disrupt business models, and demand new skills and capabilities. She has applied these insights to guide strategic change, transform corporate culture, innovate learning models and systems, design unique partnerships and re-invent herself repeatedly.

She currently works as Vice-President of Strategic Partnerships at sparks & honey, a New York-based strategy consultancy that combines AI and machine learning with the best of human intelligence to make sense of global challenges, emerging trends and accelerating change. She leverages her international experience and her vast global network of game-changers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to connect client challenges to smart thinkers and do-ers for new insights, innovation solutions and investment opportunities.

She serves on the Advisory Board of several accelerators and start-ups and is passionate about the fair representation and inclusion of women in all arenas of leadership and the global innovation eco-system.

I was instantly on board with Petervan’s vision for The Scaffold….not only because it visually resembles how we depict networks, nodes & connections, but also because we usually see scaffolds employed in service of building something new, renovating or improving something and supporting those that are reaching for new heights and contributing to the end result. It’s a great visual metaphor for assembling a hive mind and a community to imagine, shape and practice new futures and possibilities, whilst supporting each other as we go to and beyond the edge. I’m ALL in!

Annalie Killian

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