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Andreea Ion Cojocaru

Licensed architect and VR developer, Founder & CEO, Numena, Tuttlingen, Germany

Andreea Ion Cojocaru is a licensed architect and a software developer. She is the co-founder and CEO of NUMENA, an award-winning German company. Andreea works at the intersection of traditional architecture and immersive technologies to develop projects that require a new approach to cognitive and spatial challenges. Currently, she is working on a tool that allows users to create, share and edit environments at 1:1 scale. She is also leading projects that mix physical and virtual elements to explore social and economic models based on collective agency across multiple spatial modalities.

“While sweeping, a Zen monk sees a pebble roll and hit a wall with a ping. When he hears the ping, he is fully enlightened. Many programs and speakers perfect their content in the hope that hearing something will enlighten you. The Scaffold is not about carving the perfect stone. It’s about putting tools in your hands and minds that make the encounter with BIG questions less daunting, and perhaps even exhilarating”

Andreea Ion Cojocaru

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