This studio is the home of Petervan’s art experiments: a mix of analog and digital artwork and productions, performances, writings, poems, installations, video scapes, soundscapes, recordings, documentaries, and time capsules.

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Swimming Torsos, AI Generated

Torsos, AI Generated

Motorcycle Man and Woman, AI Generated

Parallel Grooves Horizontal, AI generated

Torsos Canvas


Yellow Fields Forever

Tribe #1, AI generated

Man and Woman

Postman #1, AI generated

Studio #2, AI generated

Scaffold #1, AI generated

Manifesto, AI generated

Parallel Grooves, AI generated

The Scaffold #1, AI generated

The Scaffold #2, Ai generated

Apple Heads, AI generated

Eight Heads, AI generated

Six Heads, Ai generated

Seven Heads, AI generated

Prison Cell - Statue of Liberty Zoom



Luc Deleu Trip to GravityX


Lace is More

White Squares

Labyrinth 15 Tiles

Half Moon Bay

Abstract Calm Work

Simplified Prison Cells Red - Green - Blue

Femme Déjantée

Shenzhen Boom Boom


Vortex Black and White



Woman in River

Venice Biennale Belgian Pavillon

Tokoma Canvas Sphere

Hot Sun

The Drama V2

The Drama V1

Fragmentation Variation #5

Watercarrier 1


Tin Drum extract performance

Seaside Tribe

Five Guys on the Beach


Cowboy Henk in his Garden

Hanging Cow



Sticks on Water

Big Birds

The Bench

Blue Boat

Text Warps - AI Generated Artwork

Play with the Birds - Poem

Boxer Series - AI Generated Artwork



Girl's Eye

Unreal landscape V1

GAN Foundation Desire-1

Abstract Motiv 387

Abstract Motiv 385

Abstract Motiv 384

Breughel Containers

Petervan goes Rothko

The Blue Blues

Abstract Motiv 386

Big Chinese Character

Very Blue

Numena landscape test

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