We brought together a coalition of exceptional individuals as advisors for The Scaffold. A unique mix of strategists, futurists, engineers, entrepreneurs, experts in classic and contemporary arts, masters in narrative environments, philosophers, and a licensed architect and VR developer.

John Hagel

Founder, Beyond Our Edge, LLC. San Francisco, US

John Hagel III, currently the founder of Beyond Our Edge, LLC, has more than 40 years’ experience as a management consultant, author, speaker and entrepreneur...

Peter Hinssen

Serial entrepreneur, advisor, keynote speaker, author and founder nexxworks, BE

Peter Hinssen is a serial entrepreneur, advisor, keynote speaker, and author. Peter is one of the most sought-after thought leaders on radical innovation, leadership, and...

Andreea Ion Cojocaru

Licensed architect and VR developer, Founder & CEO, Numena, Tuttlingen, Germany

Andreea Ion Cojocaru is a licensed architect and a software developer. She is the co-founder and CEO of NUMENA, an award-winning German company. Andreea works...

Josie Gibson

Founder The Catalyst Network, Melbourne, AUS

Josie Gibson is a leadership coach, creative mentor and strategist on complex multi-stakeholder business and community projects. A Senior Industry Fellow with Melbourne’s RMIT FORWARD,...

Annalie Killian

Vice President Strategic Partnerships - sparks & honey, Menton, FR

Annalie’s life purpose is optimizing human potential that translates into adaptive, resilient and optimistic people. Having worked in the eye of massive disruptive change in...

Marti Spiegelman

Founder Technologies of Consciousness for Leaders and Changemakers, San Francisco, US

Marti Spiegelman is an executive mentor, professional development advisor, speaker, and founder of Precision Consciousness: Helping leaders change the world by changing the way they...

Kurt Vanbelleghem

Curator and CEO PresentFuture, BE

Kurt Vanbelleghem (Belgium, 1968) is a curator, critic and publisher specialized in the field of contemporary art and design. He received a MA in Psychological...

Joost Vander Auwera

Honorary Senior Curator Royal Museums of Fine Arts, BE

Joost Vander Auwera (Bruges 1957),PhD, MBA, is an art historian and honorary senior museum curator at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium,Brussels and...

Julie Vens - De Vos

CEO nexxworks, BE

Julie is an innate believer in the potential the future holds and thrives when inspiring people to embrace innovation and technology. Since 2016, as the...

Hamilton Ray

Senior Principal, Solution Designer, Collective Next, Boston, US

Hamilton Ray is a Senior Principal at Collective Next. He leads the Solution Design and Delivery practice, as well as Marketing and New Business Development....

Robert Poynton

Founder Yellow Learning, Saïd Business School Oxford University, UK and ES

Robert is the founder of and On Your Feet and is an Associate Fellow at the Saïd Business School at Oxford University. He believes...

Lene Rachel Andersen

Full member of the Club of Rome, President of the Copenhagen-based think tank Nordic Bildung and co-founder of the Global Bildung Network, DK

Lene is an economist, author, futurist, philosopher, and bildung activist. After studying business economy for three years, she worked as a substitute teacher before she...

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